Recon Challenge!

Competing in honour of their fallen brothers, Marines again rose early recently to take part in the 10th Annual Recon Challenge at Camp Pendleton.

USO Camp Pendleton staff and volunteers were out there in support, offering drinks and snacks and working with Starbucks staff who served up iced coffee and tea.

The Recon Challenge sees Marines work in teams of two to undertake challenges such as an open water swim, obstacle course, clearing drills and a hike.

USO Camp Pendleton Center Director, Ann Jarvis said staff and volunteers set up at two locations - the SOI West obstacle course and the Camp Horno pool.

“We were there by the pool where they had to put a tractor tire in the pool and push it down and then had to bring it all the way up and flip it out of the pool,” she said. “It was interesting to see the different ways people figured that out as a team.”

USO Camp Pendleton was not alone in being excited to have the support of Starbucks, with Marine competitors taking full advantage of the refreshments offered.

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