Operation Appreciation

Held annually by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce to mark Armed Forces Day, the Operation Appreciation is organised to pay tribute to men and women serving in the United States’ armed forces.

This year, for the first time, volunteers and staff from USO Camp Pendleton also attended to lend a hand.

Volunteers helped man check in booths and sponsor tables as well as serving food to the more than 30,000 people who attended.

The day is free for active duty members and their families with wristbands handed out to ensure they can take advantage of the free food and games offered.

USO Camp Pendleton Center Director, Ann Jarvis, said the day was wonderful, with so much action including bagpipers and a color guard and old-school troop singers.

“It was also so good for the USO because we got to meet a lot of community partners and make connections with the Oceanside community,” she said.

The new USO Camp Pendleton Center is scheduled to open in late summer.

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