USO Camp Pendleton Is Building A Home

Construction at the new USO Camp Pendleton center is well underway and on schedule to be completed in time for the upcoming grand opening.

The new center, located at Building 1104 on Mainside, will include offices for USO Camp Pendleton staff and a space for Marines and their families to hang out.

USO Camp Pendleton center director Ann Jarvis said she and her staff were excited about the upcoming center opening after many months of working from coffee shops, the USO Sprinter van and their own garages!

“My staff and I are so excited to have a home on Camp Pendleton where we can carry out our mission,” she said.

“We will be able to host programs at the center as well as open it to service members and their families to use as a lounge and a place to also call home.”

Ms Jarvis said the center would have five video game consoles, six computers with free printing, a lounge area and a bistro providing free snacks.

The grand opening will be held on March 26 from 10.30am to 2pm.

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