The Harley Family

USO Camp Pendleton was welcomed into the Harley Davidson family recently, taking part in some very important birthday celebrations.

With the motorcycle company celebrating 150 years of operation and 25 years of being active in San Diego, a day of fun was in order.

USO Camp Pendleton center manager Ann Jarvis said staff and volunteers from the center took part, serving ice cream sundaes and giving away USO Camp Pendleton items.

“We had a donation box and all the proceeds from the bar and anything else that was paid for went to USO Camp Pendleton,” she said.

“Our bandanas were a very popular item for the bikers - all of them loved them and we had to end up doing those for a donation because they were just going so fast.”

Ann said more than 500 people attended through the day.

“It was a great event - Harley Davidson is such a supportive community to military and their families so I think they were excited to help out USO Camp Pendleton and I think we’ll have a blossoming relationship with them.”

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